An Error Occurred while using the BCP utility– data was not correctly copied to the server….

Vaidy Mohan has turn our attention to a very known error these days on Vista operating system related to BCP Utility error:


Normally we used to go to users in control panel, remove “UAC feature” checkbox and wait to restart PC………………

Beside that this cannot be agreed by some of the users, I personally also hate to wait! Vaidy suggested another solution, which is only right clicking on GP shortcut and run it as Administrator ๐Ÿ™‚

Thank you Vaidy for this solution.


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Support Debugging Tool Build 10 released

By David Musgrave

Some of you might know that I have been busy working on the next build of the Support Debugging Tool for Microsoft Dynamics GP. If you did not know… well… you do now.

I have a wish list of features based on feedback from colleagues and the partner community as well as my own ideas for enhancements. I have been slowly working my way through this list and even though there is still more work to be done, I wanted to give you the benefit of the work completed already.

So, we have released Build 10 of the tool on PartnerSource. The download links for the pages are below.

Here is a summary of the features and enhancements added:

  • ScreenShot
    ScreenShot is a tool that will capture screen shots of all open windows in the Microsoft Dynamics GP system and email them along with a detailed System Summary Report and optional copies of the Dynamics.set and Dex.ini files.
  • Security Profiler
    The Security Profiler window has been enhanced to provide more information about security issues. It can now be set to automatically open when an error occurs so that you can immediately see the cause. You can print the contents of the window or even better, export to file or email a log of the information. This log can be emailed to your administrator, so they can see the issues and the cause on their system.
  • Resource Information
    The Resource Information window has been enhanced to provide better search capabilities with options for Exact Match, Begins With and Contains searching as well as turning off case sensitivity. A Search Again button has been added so that you can keep searching for resources that match your criteria in all available dictionaries.
  • Security Information
    The new Security Information window can be opened using a right mouse click context sensitive menu or the Security button from the Security Profiler and Resource Information windows. This window will display a full break down of the security status for a selected resource for a specified user and company combination. It can then be used as a launch pad to open the security windows to make changes.
    For v8.0 & v9.0: It will show the security settings for the user and the user’s class.
    For v10.0: It will show the Security Tasks and Roles that the user is assigned to that grant access to the resource and customisation selected from the Alternate/Modified Forms and Reports ID. It will also show the Security Tasks and Roles available on the system that are linked to the selected resource.

Security Information Window

  • Administrator Settings
    This new “Advanced Mode” window is used to set default settings for the tool, including the administrator’s email address, whether ScreenShot adds the Dynamics.set and Dex.ini files as attachments and whether the Security Profiler window should open automatically when there are errors or warnings.

There have also been a number of minor tweaks to the code to improve functionality and performance. Please download this latest version and get it installed on all your customer sites.


Support Debugging Tool for Microsoft Great Plains 8.0 Secure Link

Support Debugging Tool for Microsoft Dynamics GP 9.0 Secure Link

Support Debugging Tool for Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0 Secure Link

Have a look at Mariano Gomez’s great post with his take on the latest features added to Build 10.

Please post your feedback as comments, I would love to know how the new features work for you.


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Checklist of Troubleshooting a GP Problem

By Jivtesh Singh

Developer and entrepreneur Leon came up with a Troubleshooting Checklist while developing an application.

Check it out at

Leon’s a funny guy – here are some of his Gems

  • blame the guy who left last week
  • disable the customer experience improvement program
  • what would Jesus do?
  • reboot 3 times
  • temporarily allow Popup’s
  • remove and then recreate all Bluetooth partnerships

There are 164 items, enough to Keep you busy, if nothing else !

Inspired, here is my list for

Troubleshooting a Common GP Problem

All the items don’t apply to all cases, looking at the problem you normally know which ones to look at first. I’ll probably update this – but these were all the things I could think of at the top of my mind.

  1. Note the exact error Message
  2. Search Knowledgebase with exact search on
  3. Search Microsoft GP Groups
  4. Search your system using Google Desktop or Microsoft Desktop
  5. Does the problem occur only on one machine ?
  6. Gather the following information from the machine that has a problem
    1. Generate a DexSQL Log and review it
    2. Get a copy of Dex.ini and Dynamics.set
    3. Check Version of Software (GP, FRx, IM, Biz Portal, 3rd Party, SQL)
    4. Check Windows version and service pack
    5. What 3rd party products are being used ?
    6. Check the ODBC
    7. Is the user using named printers ?
    8. Does the logged in user have restricted permissions ?
    9. Does the user have required permissions in the required folders on their machine and on the network
    10. Check Hard Disk Space
    11. Are any Anti-virus software’s running on the machine ?
    12. Have any changes been made to this machine recently ?
    13. Check Event Log
    14. Create a new ODBC
  7. Check the user’s security, try the process with a user with full permissions
  8. Talk to the IT guy to get this view
  9. Try and replicate the problem on the test server for the company
  10. Try and replicate the problem on your test server
  11. Check queries fired in Profiler
  12. Use the Support Debugging tool
  13. Ask a consultant who has used Great Plains in the last millennium
  14. Open a support ticket with Microsoft Support

And then, follow up with the user after a couple of days for small talk, and to make sure they are doing fine.

Victoria Yudin on Reporting on Extender Data

By Mariano Gomez, MVP, MCP
Fellow MVP Victoria Yudin, goes to great lengths to explain how to report on Extender data. Extender can be a valuable time saving customization tool, but data storage can be confusing even to the pros. Remember that Extender stores data in separate tables according to data types and the only way compile the data is by creating Extender Views.
Also don’t miss out on her previous article about Extender and SmartList.
Victoria provides great detail on how to accomplish this with screenshots that will help you understand the process from beginning to end. More importantly, let her know what you think about her work by dropping her a comment.


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How to determine if a report or a form has been modified??

By Mariano Gomez, MVP, MCP

How many times have you walked into a GP implementation done by a previous VAR and cannot establish what changes have been done on a report, if any? Or how many times have you come across forms and reports dictionaries with tons of objects and cannot tell by simply looking at these if they have been changed or not? Or have you made some changes to a report a few years aback and now cannot remember what these changes were? I get this question every once in a while and finally someone was keen enough to post it on the Dynamics GP public newsgroup. Solution Let me start by saying that ALL modified forms and reports should ALWAYS be backed up in the form of package files, and that ALL these package files should be stored in a source code control repository — for example, Visual Source Safe — and versioned if all possible, with notes on all changes done from version to version. However, this is not always possible, especially if the company happens to be a small company with limited technical and software development resources — unless of course, the business happens to do software development ๐Ÿ™‚ ). In order to establish what changes have been done to a form or a report, without having a source control repository, you can use old fashioned Microsoft Word… well, I will be using Microsoft Word 2007 for this example. In addition, we will use a slightly modified version of the SOP Blank Invoice report.

ย CustomizationChanges00

*Click on image to enlarge

1) Export the modified report to a package file. Go to Microsoft Dynamics GP > Tools > Customize > Customization Maintenance. Highlight the SOP Blank Invoice report and click on Export. Save the file as SOPBlankInvoice_Modified.package


*Click on image to enlarge

2) From a workstation not pointing to the REPORTS.DIC dictionary file containing the modified report or from a standalone copy of GP, say for example the one you carry on your laptop, print the SOP Blank Invoice report to screen. Go to Transactions > Sales > Sales Transactions and choose an invoice. Print to screen. Click on Modify to open the report with Report Writer. Once the report is shown in the Report Layout window, return to Dynamics GP.


*Report with no customizations. Click on image to enlarge

3) Repeat step 1 on your standalone environment, this time saving the file as SOPBlankInvoice_Original.package. Move the SOPBlankInvoice_Modified.package file to the same directory with the SOPBlankInvoice_Original.package file. This will both files easily accessible.


*Click on image to enlarge

4) Open Microsoft Word 2007.

Click on the Review menu item. CustomizationChanges03

*Click on image to enlarge

5) Click on the Compare option. Open your SOPBlankInvoice_Original.package in the Original document column, open SOPBlankInvoice_Modified.Package in the Revised document. Changes can be labeled with markers to allow for easy identification. Word will run the comparison and highlight any changes between the two documents


*Click on image to enlarge

Remember: it’s not about the tools, it’s about how you use these tools to meet your needs. I hope this article provides a mechanism to quickly and accurately identify changes between original reports and customized reports and help you get a headstart when working at customers and customizations you have not created — or may have and don’t recall ๐Ÿ™‚ .

Until next post!


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Microsoft Dynamics GP SMS Services!

Dear All,

I finally released the SMS services version of Microsoft Dynamics GP! You can get notified about all new orders, invoices, inquiries, security breaks and any kind of business alerts in your system directly to your phone!

Tool was developed based on .Net technology with extremely dynamic process and configuration, basically itโ€™s using predefined triggers using any method available in GP, you can use Business Alerts, Reminders, Smart-List and any newly added records for triggering.

The tool is available with competitive price thatโ€™s nothing comparing to the benefits gained.

Please donโ€™t hesitate to contact me for any further information about this tool or its rates.

Keywords: Microsoft Dynamics GP SMS; SMS Services; SMS Engine; SMS And Dynamics.



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All about SOP distributions

By Mariano Gomez

Microsoft MVP Victoria Yudin seems to be everywhere in these days. If you have ever wondered how GP calculates all these pesky SOP invoice accounting distributions, wonder no more! Victoria decodes in a very friendly and illustrative manner how GP decides the fate of the accounting distributions to be posted to General Ledger when an invoice is posted in the Sales Order Processing module.

If I may add one more thing about the SOP distribution types, this field is used to categorize the distributions for the purpose of verifying the distributions on a document and can be framed in one of these 23 types:

2 = RECV
3 = CASH
8 = MISC
10 = MARK
13 = OTHER
14 = COGS
15 = INV
17 = IN USE
20 = UNIT
22 = ROUND

The corresponding numeric value is stored in the SOP_Distribution_WORK_HIST table (SOP10102).


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