Kill All Connections to an SQL Server Database


Have you ever tried to restore a database using SQL 2008 and the restore failed since the database is in use? In 2005 we used to open “Detach” database and click on the hyperlink of the existing connection which will open the activity monitor and show existing connections.

Currently in SQL 2008 clicking the hyperlink will only display a message informing you that the database is currently in use without redirecting you to the connections page, and you will have to go to the activity monitor, find connections related to your database and kill them one by one.

However, I found an interesting Stored Procedure that kills all database connections Smile

By Henry Huey’s:

Run the script that follows against the master db, then execute the procedure like this:

sp_KillSpidsByDBName MyDBName
CREATE PROCEDURE [dbo].[sp_KillSpidsByDBName] 
@dbname sysname = ''

-- check the input database name
IF DATALENGTH(@dbname) = 0 OR LOWER(@dbname) = 'master' OR LOWER(@dbname) = 'msdb'

DECLARE @killStmts TABLE (stmt VARCHAR(30))

-- find all the SPIDs for the requested db, and create KILL statements
-- for each of them in the @killStmts table variable
FROM master..sysprocesses pr
INNER JOIN master..sysdatabases db
ON pr.dbid = db.dbid
WHERE = @dbname

-- iterate through all the rows in @killStmts, executing each statement
SELECT @rowCtr = COUNT(1) FROM @killStmts
WHILE (@rowCtr > 0)
SELECT TOP(1) @sql = stmt FROM @killStmts
EXEC (@sql)
DELETE @killStmts WHERE stmt = @sql
SELECT @rowCtr = COUNT(1) FROM @killStmts



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About Mohammad R. Daoud
Mohammad R. Daoud has been working as a Microsoft Dynamics GP consultant since 2004. His career path started with version 7.5; he studied every single tip of the application technicalities and did allot of successful implementations that includes functional consultations, analysis, and custom development projects. He holds a graduate degree in Computer Science and currently he is pursuing MBA degree in Accounting. In January 2007 he was nominated to the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) certificate and was certified in April 2008 due to his online contributions in the Dynamics Community (Dynamics GP Newsgroups, Forums, User Groups and his blog: Worth to mention that he was also listed as one of the Microsoft Dynamics Top 100 Most Influential People in 2009 by DynamicsWorld. And more... • Demonstrated Passion for MS Products through participating in beta testing for some product versions, an effective member of Microsoft Connect. • Talented in securing strong high quality relationships with premier customers, partners and sales teams passionately and profitably. • Dedicated to meeting the expectations and requirements of internal and/or external customers • Problem Solver – Uses systematic approach to uncover true problem(s) and practical solution and can marshal resources to solve problem! • Proven record of effective account management, including Account Planning, Opportunity Management, and Business Management Excellence and working as part of a larger virtual team • Successful in delivering high quality technical engagements in the enterprise Dynamics GP implementations area according to customer requirements. • Dedicated, Committed, Self Motivated, Creative and highly focused with excellent communication, Negotiation, presentation, Active Listening and Objection Handling skills. • Experienced in Profitable researches and studies including white papers and technical presentations.

One Response to Kill All Connections to an SQL Server Database

  1. Derek says:

    What about using this before your restore script:use mastergoalter database yourdatabasenameset single_user with rollback immediatego

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